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Velora Newsletter | September, 13th 2010


It's been awhile... but we have some great news for you!

We have been working hard on a bunch of interesting projects, including some of our own (we'll have more info about those next month). We are happy to announce that every month from now on, we will have a new interview with a unique designer as a part of our newsletter. Enjoy!

Handling Business Innovation

Every day new products and services are released that we only imagined we could use, weeks before. Innovation is happening at such a high rate, that we are challenged to adapt and upgrade, before we even get the chance to grasp what's current. This is especially true for start-ups and tech businesses that "live" on the edge and somewhere between current demands and future needs, trends and expectations. They need to adapt quickly or be left behind.                                 

There are a few things that can help you better deal with this rapid innovation.

Continued below after the interview...

Designer Spotlight Interview:

Rui Pedro Esteves

Pedro is a Designer, Illustrator and a Behance Ambassador. After years of study and practice in various fields related to Animation, Multimedia Design and Artistic Production, he finally found what he is most passionate about: Illustration. Learn more about him and see his work on his website:

What's your story? We all want to know you better...

My story, um mm... let me see. So, I was born in the city of Figueira da Foz where I lived until I was 20. In 2004 I went to Bragança to study Animation and Artistic Production, and soon after that I received an Erasmus scholarship. I traveled to the city of Timisoara, in Romania, and joined the Faculty of Arts and Design. During this time I had the opportunity to travel and see incredibly beautiful places that one can only find in Eastern Europe; get in touch with artists of various nationalities and different backgrounds.
In 2006 I decided to change my degree and move to Portalegre for the next three years, where I graduated in Multimedia Design and Animation. It is during this time that I looked more into Illustration and Animation, which I am very passionate about, and that took me to where I am today: working as an illustrator/ animator for in advertising, for various campaigns in newspapers, periodical magazines, web, and other kind of clients/mediums. The inspiration for my illustrations comes from everyday life, drawings in sketch books, music, Alternative Bd, cinema, and so on.

Favorite muse? In other words, what inspires you?

My inspiration comes from every day life, drawing and sketching all around. I have a big passion for nature and traveling, I think that inspires me a lot. And of course, through the web, I find a lot of inspirational people all over the world.

What is a Behance Ambassador?

The Behance Ambassador is a creative member from the Behance Network who builds a local Behance community in the most vibrant and exciting way possible. We encourage real-life contact and meetings with members of the Behance Network and creatives from other cities. Every month, we have to plan out and run an event.

What are your plans for your Behance community / network in Portugal?

I will do my best to make the community as exciting and vibrant as possible, as I said before. I'm planing to run art exhibitions, invite people to "talks", where for example they can show how they start and explain how they progressively reached a point where they are today. I will do some parties and many, many other things.

Share an inspiring story with our fans and friends...

I think the inspirational stories will start now, in the Behance Ambassador Program. So stay tuned :)

Monthly Design Tip:

Photoshop Tip: Tired of having to redraw selections when you are just one pixel off? Hold down the spacebar while drawing a selection and you can move the entire selection. Release the spacebar when the selection is where you want and then release your mouse or tablet to complete the selection.

3 Ways of Handling Business Innovation

ADAPT, ACCEPT, TRANSFORM - Use all the resources on the web that you can. Follow sites like and to learn what's trending. Being the first to see what is happening lets you take action faster.

STAY TRUE TO YOUR VISION - Choose custom solutions and customizable products. Innovation, whether it's about launching a new product or solution, should always reflect and represent your company. Don't be generic and follow in someone else's footsteps. You'll never get to the top that way.

FROM CRM TO IRM (Innovator Relationship Management) STRATEGIES- Every day, you invest a lot of care and patience in building a great, long-term relationship with your Customers, fans and newcomers.

But you should equally care about making yourself more available to the Innovators of the Web: young entrepreneurs passionate about their recently launched websites, creative freelancers that make businesses all around the world grow and shine; exceptionally skilled consultants and self-made professionals - these are people you want to connect with. They know what is going on and can help you grow, whether you are another freelancer yourself or a large business.                                 

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Until next time -
Be Brilliant!

The Velora Studios Team

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