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Velora Newsletter | Issue 07 |  April, 06th  2011


If you felt inspired by this year's StartupBus winners at SXSW and you're creating a brand identity for a new product/service, then this month's interview with Jacob Cass is a must-read in our Newsletter series. Identity design has evolved into a sophisticated design practice mastered by people dedicated to making brands stand out and become memorable. Let's learn from Jacob Cass about what are the most challenging aspects and trends in current logo design practices.

This Month's Spotlight Interview:

 Jacob Cass
Brand Identity and Logo Designer

Jacob is a talented logo designer from Australia, living in US, inspiring speaker, founder of Just Creative Design and a passionate world traveler. 

V: Designers choosing clients - what are your thoughts on that?

Jacob: The ability to be able to pick and choose your clients is a blessing and you should be proud of yourself if you have got to this stage. I think this should be a goal in a designer's life - to be able pick & choose the clients / projects you want to work on. This will ultimately make you a much happier person.

V: New experiences have been designed recently with the rise of web technologies. Do logo designers need to adapt and reflect in their work the evolution towards more complex virtual interactions?

Jacob: I think all designers should adapt to the technology around them, if they don't, they will get left behind. With this said, if you are knowledgeable in these newer technologies, then you will be in more demand, and ultimately be able to get more out of your work.

V: Stephan Sagmeister was one of the first to experiment with the concept of generative logos. Apart from MIT Media Lab - what companies would relate to this approach to identity design?

Jacob: There have been multiple identities with this generative approach and the trend is definitely on the rise, but trends aside, I believe as long as the execution reflects the goals of the company, then there is no reason not to explore such a route.

V: Is the graphic mark a more powerful expression of the brand than the logotype?

Jacob: This is a difficult question to answer in theory as you can get good and bad versions of both. For example, Coca-Cola has an extremely unique logotype and is very easy identify, where as Pepsi uses a graphic mark that is simply not as strong in comparison. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, it would have to be compared in context. This said, it's important to remember that your logo is not your brand.

V: What other field of study might be most meaningful and challenging for a logo designer, other than visual communication and graphic design?

Jacob: Traveling keeps your mind fresh and open, so I'd say to get into traveling, even though this is not specifically a field of study. Also keep fit by playing sport or going to the gym.

V: We are all traveling around the world too, at Velora Studios. Can you share one of your most inspiring or insightful travel stories?

Jacob:  Thinking back on all of my travels, the most unique country I've visited would have to be Cambodia. I traveled here on my own for a few days and experienced the people, culture, food etc. You can see the photos here. There were many crazy stories to tell about this place, but most notable was the fact that you could go to a shooting gallery and hire guns to shoot at live chickens (or I heard, even cows) and simply walk around with a machine gun (or bazooka) in your hands while people looked on. This was pretty crazy and for the record, I didn't kill any animals, but I certainly did have a good go on the guns.

That was a great interview, Jacob! Thanks and let's keep in touch.

Monthly Designer Tip:

 Cleaning your Layer Palette in Photoshop CS5: Large documents can become crowded and time-consuming to navigate in Photoshop. A common problem for designers handling documents with more than 50 layers is organizing them for fast and easy changes later on. If you find yourself in a similar situation, there is a simple trick to delete empty and hidden layers that have gotten lost in your layers palette. Here's how:

To delete hidden layers, go to Layers->Delete->Hidden Layers
To delete empty layers, go to File->Scripts->Delete All Empty Layers

We agree with Jacob Cass that traveling is a great way to have fun, find inspiration and create the diversity you need to consistently come up with fresh ideas as a designer. Speaking of fun, our most recent blog post - Using Game Mechanics in UX Design - was one of our most shared and enjoyable to read articles. Check it out here and stay tuned for more awesome articles!

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