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Velora Newsletter | Issue 11 |  November, 8th 2011

Hi there!

We have great news this month and two big announcements. The first one is that we launched BrightLounge, a video podcast about design, start-ups and technology, featuring interviews with creative people in different countries around the world. Watch us on, be inspired and drop us a line with your suggestions & questions.

The second announcement comes after our interview with LouLou & Tummie, a creative illustration duo from the Netherlands.

This Month's Spotlight Interview:

 LouLou & Tummie
Illustration Duo from the Netherlands

LouLou & Tummie is the Dutch illustration duo that built "an empire of colorful graphics and characters". Their works can be found in magazines, books, on t-shirts, skateboards, plush toys and more... Check out their store or Flickr page for more graphic goodness.

V: Hi LouLou and Tummie, thanks for joining our Spotlight Interview list! Who are you guys, what do you do and what is your background?

LouLou & Tummie: We're LouLou & Tummie, an illustration duo from the Netherlands. We both did art school (St. Joost in Breda), this is where we met. After we graduated we both moved to Tilburg, where we still work and live together today.

V: What style best represents your design work and illustrations? Why did you choose it?

LouLou & Tummie: We use a lot of character based elements and lots of color. We'll try to keep our illustrations as simple & symmetric as possible. We didn't really choose this way of working; it's a growing process.

V: Your work is infused with brilliant character design examples. What is the most interesting aspect about character design you have discovered through your work?

LouLou & Tummie: You can draw very simple "characters" and use very simple elements to give him/her/it his own personality and characteristics. Most of the time it doesn't need much. But the placement of the eyes and mouth is very important for the looks.

V: How can character design be integrated with brand strategy?

LouLou & Tummie: The character needs to fit the "look & feel" of the product/brand that it should represent. It needs to add something meaningful to the brand.

V: Where do you find inspiration for your designs and how do you manage to instill life and personality in the characters you create?

LouLou & Tummie: We're on the internet a lot. Visiting blogs, websites, social media, etc. We're following a bunch of illustrators and designers on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Behance etc. It's great to see what everyone is working on. But we also get a lot of inspiration from the toys we collect, old prints, books, graphic novels and all the cute stuff surrounding us in our studio.

V: When clients ask for a custom illustration, what is the process you go through to complete the task and deliver outstanding results?

LouLou & Tummie: After we have discussed the project and we know which of our work the client likes most. We start with sketches (most of the time). We'll send these to the client. When they like the sketch we'll start drawing on our computer. Because we have quite a consistent style that clients kind of know what they can expect from our illustration work.

V: What aspect of character design is commonly misunderstood by people from your experience?

LouLou & Tummie: ...This is a difficult question... I think some clients/ people think it's easy to draw (simple) characters and it doesn't take a lot of time to create good character designs. But it takes a great deal of time to give a character the right 'look' or personality. If the character is very simple it takes even more time. It has to look simple, but it has to have the right feel with just little elements.

Thanks for the interview, guys!

Announcing, Our Network Hub

We are always working on awesome projects that we are passionate about. Whether we are helping brands grow or working on our own ideas, we love building and designing new websites. is our network hub where you can see all our projects on one page: BrightLounge, Velora Studios (our home site), the Velora Newsletter, the Velora CMS and new apps we will be revealing in the near future. Use the network button in the bottom right corner to navigate from one project to another, and please send over your thoughts and suggestions. We love to hear your feedback.

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Until next time -
Be Brilliant!

The Velora Studios Team
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