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Velora Newsletter | January, 31st 2011


Wow, we're already at the end of January, and have had a great start to the year so far. We are excited to share some information with everyone really soon about a couple interesting projects we are working on! 

We have a great interview for you this month as usual. This time, we're talking with Kyle Bragger, the founder of Forrst. He's looking forward to a promising and exciting year for his project and himself; also considering offering consultation services to start-ups looking for the advice in managing and growing new products online.

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This Months Spotlight Interview:


Kyle Bragger

Founder of Forrst

Read some cool tips for developers building their own apps from Kyle's website:

V: Hey Kyle, you have a vibrant character, a do-it-yourself attitude and you always seem to be working on awesome things all the time. What is the coolest project you look forward to working on this year?

Kyle:Thank you! I'm really excited about what we are doing with Forrst in 2011. We've spent the last year making the product really tight and helping to curate a really vibrant community, and this year is all about continuing to grow that community, help them more easily connect with one another, and also help get them hooked up with work.

V: Everything you have built (Forrst, Facto) is community oriented. Why are community-oriented websites a thousand times more powerful than knowledge websites?

Kyle: I'm a huge believer in the power of communities, and I think they can be extremely powerful catalysts for self-growth. I think if you take community, and figure out how to elegantly roll in a "knowledge-oriented" component (e.g. Forrst adds a community layer on top of a knowledge layer), then you've got a potentially awesome thing on your hands.

V: Is the idea behind a project or the way you implement a solution what sets the final product apart from everything else in the market?

Kyle I hope so! But really, I just strive to create really interesting stuff, and hopefully in a way that brings a slightly different perspective to the space. I'm a huge believer in solid UI and making products that are a pleasure to use. Few people will care that your app is running on the latest and greatest framework, but if it's a pleasure to use, they'll be users for life.

V: You have recently started offering consultation services for fresh start-ups. Do you want to reposition yourself as a consultant more in the near future?

Kyle: The consulting is, at least for the foreseeable future, a fun thing to do on the side. I get to help folks doing interesting stuff. Maybe one day in the distant future, after Forrst doesn't need me anymore, I'll think about consulting full time.

V: You encourage developers and designers to go for it when they have a cool idea for webapps. Has there ever been a time when you didn't take your own advice? Why? What happened?

Kyle:Oh yeah, tons of times. There are like 10 things I want to build really badly, but I know that I won't be able to support them right now given that I only have a limited amount of time. (That's not to say I'm not going to build fun side projects for a while, but I think it's important to understand your goals.) I think it's important to balance the desire to always create with a tiny dose of reality :)

V: What is the most dramatic change that freelancers, entrepreneurs and web enthusiasts will have to look into this year?

Kyle: I think the recent surge in new designer/developer communities is really interesting to me (Forrst being one of them). I think we are also in a renaissance right now — it's easier than ever to make your ideas happen, and I think we're going to see a lot more innovation on the web, and tiny projects getting big this year.

Thanks for the interview Kyle, we're looking forward to see Forrst come up with new cool things for creative people and developers everywhere!

Monthly Designer Tip:

 Creating and Expanding a Color Scheme: When creating a color scheme for your design start with two or three main colors and experiment with adjusting either the brightness or saturation of those colors to create additional colors and add more dimension to your design. For example, you might have a box filled with one of your main colors and its stroke would be the same hue but 25% less brightness. Keeping the hue the same but changing either brightness or saturation will keep the colors in your design looking consistent, balanced and dimensional. 

If you enjoyed the interview and are thinking about building your own app, be sure to check back to our blog soon for a new post on scalability.

Scalability is a term used for mathematical and logical systems that can support additional changes to its structure and preserving its behavior and performance in various environments. We will talk about scalability in a business rather than system architecture and talk about start-ups that need to consider managing growth over time, even from the very beginning.

Our next blog post will talk about that "tiny dose of reality" that you should start this year with, especially if you are planning on launching your own websites/apps this year. 

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Until next time -
Be Brilliant!

The Velora Studios Team

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