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Velora Newsletter | Issue 14 | April, 19th 2012


Design is such an important part of our lives: expressive, empowering and innovating. We are excited to introduce Clear Goals, a new web app we are building to help people reach their goals. Read more about it after this month's interview, with one of the most loved designers in Europe, Veerle Pieters.

A quick reminder before the interview - we released two more new episodes of BrightLounge, so make sure you discover the inspiring stories of our guests from Philippines and Croatia.

This Month's Interview:

 Veerle Pieters
Graphic & Web Designer at Duoh!

One of the most loved designers in Europe, Veerle has inspired the world with her work, reached people's hearts through her blog and caught everyone's eyes and ears at multiple conferences throughout the years. Follow her on Twitter @vpieters. 

V: Hi Veerle, thanks for talking with us. What aspect of design do you love the most?

Veerle: One of the things I love most is choosing the color palette for a design, that's of course, if I have total freedom to do it. Regardless,I like every aspect of the design process, especially the experimenting part. I think that part is really vital, as it often leads to a better, surprising result. It almost never happens that the design I create ends up totally like what I had in my mind, initially.

V: When it comes to CSS3 tools, what would you recommend to web designers?

Veerle: I have posted a lot of CSS3 resources via Twitter which are related to a responsive design approach. Here are some of them: Responsive CSS3 Slider Without JavascriptResponsive Content Navigator With CSS3. Another great one is an image gallery in pure CSS using :target. A very good resource that I often use is DocHub: here you can look up information on CSS properties, HTML elements, JavaScript functions… The best resource that I found and use to learn about CSS is Treehouse. I save all my favorite resources on Pinboard and Delicious.

V: What non-conventional source of inspiration have you discovered this year?

Veerle: Not sure if you can call it non-conventional, but nature is a great source of inspiration for me. I guess it's because I can always find a moment of peace in nature. Listening to some of my favorite music can also give me the inspiration spark I need. Looking at and being surrounded by nice design items is also a factor that influences me. The place I work and live in, a bright spacious room, with big windows, a modern interior, filled with items that look nice, in colors I love… Even a good parfume is a good influence in terms of inspiration as it can make me happy. Really everything in my daily life that brings me into the right mood of relaxation and inner-peace.

Walking the day-dreaming lane, by Veerle on Instagram

V: How did you define design when you first started in 1992 and how did that personal interpretation of design change throughout your life, until today?

Veerle: I was convinced it played an important role in our daily life. Design is something that you find everywhere. People don't always realize how much we are surrounded by design. Design is visual communication; good design makes us help using a product better. Signs show us the way. Just think about the universal symbols and all the signs in a train station… I'm still convinced that good design is important. Over the years this vision has only become stronger and clearer.

Photo of Veerle Pieters, by Marc Thiele on Flickr

V: What Belgian artist has inspired you the most and why?

Veerle: As for graphic designers, the work of Paul Ibou is so strong and a great source of inspiration. It's so simple, very recognizable and strong, that makes him a great designer. As for artists, I have always been a great fan of René Magritte. Paul Ibou has influenced me on the pure graphical side, especially when it comes down to logo and corporate identity design, but René Margitte influenced me on the more artistic side. I love his approach and vision, the creation of illusions and trompe l'oeil are just genius, and yet the execution is done with such detail and sense of reality. Truly Amazing.


V: What object that you use on a daily basis needs to be redesigned?

Veerle: That's a hard question… I'm not a product designer :) I know a lot of web sites or GUIs of apps that I think could use a redesign, but products… And if you would divert it to fashion I also see a lot I don't like, but daily products is something different. I'm trying to use products that are well designed. As a designer this is a very important criteria for making the decision to buy a product or not. I won't buy it if it's ugly or poorly designed, depending of course on the type of product we're talking about.

V: What piece of advice would you give to graphic designers and aspiring infographic designers around the world reading this interview?

Veerle: To me this has actually a double meaning. On one side I think that you make your own Internet. I mean you define how you use the Internet to your advantage. I see it as a great opportunity I can benefit from. Maybe it's because I started out in the non-internet era, were the only way to get in contact with people was more direct, usually face-to-face. And so trying to promote yourself to get clients and work was very difficult as a "newbie". The Internet changed that. Not only for business, but also socially. I got to know most of my friends via the Internet. The other side of the vision, that it - making the web a better place, is by sharing information and knowledge. As you start sharing what you know or have experienced, you learn a lot yourself and get so much back from people. I like to keep on doing that, and I hope in a way it makes a difference for some people.

Thanks for the interview, Veerle!

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