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What We've Been Working on at Velora Studios - BrightLounge and the Velora Network

Bryan McAnulty - Friday, November 04, 2011 |

Here at Velora Studios, when we are not busy working with our awesome clients, we are busy building our own projects. We are excited to announce the launch of two projects we have been working on for some time now. Read on to hear the story behind BrightLounge, and our new network button.

BrightLounge and

Introducing BrightLounge, our New Video Podcast

Last month we released BrightLounge, a video podcast about design, startups and technology. BrightLounge is much more than another podcast about design and technology. We have a bold and unique vision: Every episode we travel to a different country to interview inspiring creative people around the world. After our Velora meetup in 2010 we got hooked on traveling. We began filming in March of 2011 and already have a collection of episodes waiting to be released.

In our first episode we interview Ilija Studen, the founder of the popular project management tool, activeCollab (what we use for our own project management). We are telling inspiring stories from people passionate about the work they do and products they create, in different countries around the world.

Talking with Ilija Studen

New episodes will be released every few weeks. You can watch and subscribe to BrightLounge on, iTunes, Miro, Youtube and more. If you have any suggestions of people you'd like us to interview or places you'd like us to go, let us know!

The Velora Network and Network Button

We love working and building awesome sites with our wonderful clients. We have such a passion for creation, that we cannot finish a client project and stop there. We've built to showcase projects of our own, and to show what we will be working on next. While we will always be a design studio bringing our clients ideas to life, we have a lot of own ideas to show the world as well.

The Velora Network button

There is now a small network button present at the bottom of all our sites. With multiple sites we realized that we need to give users an easy way to navigate between them and see what else we have built.

What Comes Next?

So now we have, and, what's next? To reveal a bit more of our roadmap, the Velora Studios site is currently in the process of undergoing a major redesign for a much cleaner and responsive design. We will also be giving the Velora CMS its own website in the near future. Lastly, we are busy building a couple web applications that we cannot wait to show you.



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