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The New Web Design Process

Bryan McAnulty - Thursday, June 13, 2013 |

With responsive web design and ever more complex websites, the traditional "Big Reveal" approach to project delivery does not work any more.

Our new design and development process is modern and extremely efficient. It will take designers and developers will take some time to adapt, but we strongly believe that this is the future of the web design process.

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A Fresh Perspective on User Testing

- Monday, August 20, 2012 |

This is the perfect time for web entrepreneurs to start a business. There's a sizable market to interact with, and building a web app is only getting easier. However, even if you're lucky or well connected enough to kickstart the project, one of the things you may struggle with is user testing. It might seem impossible for micro-entrepreneurs to conventionally test their products when they have almost zero budget and a small team of developers and designers. The good news is - with a little creativity and a deeper understanding of the lean startup methodology, user testing can easily become a fun and painless part of turning ideas into products.

We will show you how to see user testing through a new set of eyes, how to put the lean startup philosophy to use and how to help make sure you've got the right tester in your team.

Ad-hoc usability tests
"Ad-hoc Usability Testing" by Vasile Cotovanu, on Flickr
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4 Faces of Value Driven Design

- Monday, March 05, 2012 |

Creating value through design is an out-of-the-box skill that some people may call entrepreneurship, while others may describe it as vision. Whichever side you are on, the ability to create value through design leads to the same outstanding result: CHANGE. Advances in design and technology have led to significant changes in world's economy, arguably more than any other social or political event so far.

Therefore, as a value-driven designer, you will constantly be looking to solve problems and remove dead-ends, in an attempt to help people embrace change before it's too late. This article reveals the four faces of value-driven design, and shows how your work as a designer can generate more value, rather than revenue alone, for the next generation.

"You Don't Need Planning Permission to Build Castles in the Sky" by Banksy
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Time Perception in UX Design

- Sunday, November 27, 2011 |

You are close to finishing up your project; your workflow has improved significantly since you started using that project management tool for developers: time is flying. Later that day your flight is delayed and you start reading the news and switch to playing a game: time goes slow; distraction keeps your eyes off the clock until departure.

Time perception is an interesting dimension of user experience that designers need to understand to improve the UI. When users engage with the interface, a slight change in their perception of time can affect their entire experience. In this article we discuss different types of time perception, user scenarios and optimization techniques recommended in each case.

The Persistence of Memory 1931 Salvador Dali
The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali
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What We've Been Working on at Velora Studios - BrightLounge and the Velora Network

Bryan McAnulty - Friday, November 04, 2011 |

Here at Velora Studios, when we are not busy working with our awesome clients, we are busy building our own projects. We are excited to announce the launch of two projects we have been working on for some time now. Read on to hear the story behind BrightLounge, and our new network button.

BrightLounge and
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